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Quick pencil sketching in Dallas Downtown

As I said in my Travel Post to Dallas Downtown, we got into Dallas Dowtown by following the JFK Presidential motorcade route. That route took us to some interesting spots to sketch in the city. So, we had to stop by to quickly capture some scenes on my sketchbook using just a pencil.

I keep bringing my watercolor set with me. always with the hope to use it on the field and most of the times  I end up washing my sketches back home. Anyway, I keep trying it until I find again the opportunity to use them.

UrbanSketcher at Dallas Downtown Morning news

There I captured this beautiful modern styled building of The Morning News.

UrbanSketcher at Dallas Downtown

And also captured this piece from the JP Morgan Chase building.

At some point, I will post this when I get them painted.

UrbanSketcher en Dallas Downtown

Uno de cada extremo del centro de la ciudad.

UrbanSketcher at Dallas Downtown

Sigo trayendo conmigo el set de acuarela, siempre con la esperanza de usarlo en el campo y la mayoría de las veces termino pintando en casa mis sketches. De todos modos sigo intentándolo hasta que vuelva a encontrar la oportunidad de usarlos de nuevo.

Espero en algún punto hacer una publicación con estos dibujos pintados, ya terminados.

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