From those initial sketches and the changes made on the house layout, I got this back on my table. So I have to revisit the design of the elevations in order to adapt them to the new floor plan layout. I also have to illustrate as final watercolor art. So, here I have my pre sketches, before taking the design to watercolor paper to finish it. The House Sketch in Rock Creek could be a very nice set of sketches, also my largest pieces so far.

As an anecdote, when I was working on the House Sketch in Rock Creek, my classic and beloved Chartpak Markers were dying. You can tell by the lack of color on the sketches. So I had to improvise using color pencils. That day I decided to try COPIC markers, so I bought that set. It will have a Tool review Post any time soon.

Sketch de Casa en Rock Creek

De aquellos sketches iniciales y los cambios que han ocurrido en la distribución de la casa, tengo esto de vuelta en mi mesa de dibujo. Debo revisar el diseño y adaptarlo a la nueva distribución, pero además debo ilustrarlo en un arte final de acuarela. Aquí están los Sketches previos justo antes de llevarlos al papel para acuarela.

House Sketch in Rock Creek
House Sketch in Rock Creek

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  1. This is a beautiful design concept. The leaning columns, protruding decks, and roof really make it interesting. I would love to see the watercolor once finished.

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