This building was raised back in 1876 by European immigrants. Their influence is undeniable. I’m always amazed at the presence of the conservative spirit of a society.

Although it keeps the Bakery on the front, there is no baking in this building. The Old Bakery got closed and, in time, the building turned into a kind of Workshop / Art Gallery. Here you can find beautiful art pieces handmade by local seniors.

I wanted to make an elevation piece of the Frisco town hall, I really liked that building. You will find in the image in the bottom that the piece is ready to ink and wash. Hope I could achieve on paper what I have in mind.


Este edificio fue levantado en 1876 por inmigrantes europeos. Su influencia es innegable. Siempre me asombro en presencia del espíritu conservador de una sociedad.

Aunque mantiene la panadería en el frente, no hay horneado en este edificio. La Old Bakery se cerró y, con el tiempo, el edificio se convirtió en una especie de taller / galería de arte. Aquí puedes encontrar hermosas piezas de arte hechas a mano por personas mayores locales.

About the Author Roberth Jordan

Architect Sketcher

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