Sketchbook Stevie Ray Vaughan

Today I share a Stevie Ray Vaughan sketch for my #inktober2019 for Day 03

This piece comes from one of my travels. Not because of the travel itself, but because this day, October 3, is the celebration of the Stevie Ray Vaughan Birthday. So I’m paying tribute to the creator of the music that has been my company for at least 25 years.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Sketch

I made those pencil sketches on the go, and they were there waiting for a special occasion to be inked. Well, the time has come, the coincidence of Inktober and this man’s birthday is a perfect time for that. So, the sketches were made initially on a river walk we did in Austin, Texas. I remember It was a beautiful sunny day, the first sunny day in weeks. Actually, there was a flood the day we got in town and the river walk was close because of it. We didn’t know and we found it just opened on a lucky strike.

Sketchbook Stevie Ray Vaughan

I went to that park to din the statue of Stevie Ray, and somehow pay a tribute. I kept my word from my previous Inktober post of celebrating his birthday with this sketch. It is my humble way to say thank you.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Sketch

Finally, I’m up to date with the Inktober, I think that this is the first time in years. So one more reason to celebrate with the Stevie Ray Vaughan Sketch – #inktober2019 Day 03

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