Herzog & de Meuron Sketch

This is my Herzog & de Meuron sketch for #inktober2019 Day 04

This piece comes from my travel to the Art District in Dallas, Texas. This is a building designed by Herzog & de Meuron architects. The Wyly Theater. It is one of those super modernist buildings you find in architecture magazines. It is always amazing when you accidentally find a piece like this. So I couldn’t stop taking photos and of course, I had to sketch it.

Herzog & de Meuron Sketch

I made that pencil sketch on the go. I clearly remember that it was raining so hard that day, that it was hard to get a good shot or a good spot to draw. There is a post about that day walking the Art District in Dallas downtown, check it out.

Herzog & de Meuron Sketch

I loved that perfect geometric shape. It looks solid, but actually, it is a glass building covered by skin. Multiple vertical aluminum bars conform that skin. It looks like a solid building from the distance, but then when you get closer, you notice how transparent and airy it actually is.

I’m still up to date with the Inktober, I can’t believe myself. Should I be proud of myself?. Herzog & de Meuron sketch for #inktober2019 Day 04 is done!

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