Colorado River Walk Sketch

Today I share a Colorado River Walk Sketch for my #inktober2019 for Day 05

This piece comes from one of my travels. My wife and I were enjoying an amazing walk on the first sunny day in weeks at Austin, Texas. Then we went to walk in the Colorado River Park. My initial plan was to pay tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan which statue is located there. Later, along the walk, I found pretty nice spots to sketch and rest from the long walk. This is one of my favorites.

Like all my sketches from that travel, they were made initially using a pencil. Now, I’m trying to ink them afraid of damaging them, I don’t want to lose their original vibe.

Colorado River Walk Sketch

I remember that day I lost my favorite ink pen. I sat down on a bench to rest and sketch and I dropped it somehow. That is to be said that I missed it so much, I bought 3 or 4 to substitute it, without any luck. Buying the same wasn’t an option since they got out of stock. So, I would have to wait until the next shipment from Japan.

Colorado River Walk Sketch

As usual, I got late in the #Intober again. Even when I’ve been able to draw, I didn’t had the time to sit and create the posts. I think I’m gonna start posting before on Instagram, leaving the web post for the later. Well, this is the Colorado River Walk Sketch for my #inktober2019 for Day 05.

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