Old Bakery Building Sketch

Today I share an Old Bakery Building Sketch for my #inktober2019, Day 07

This piece comes from one of my travels. This is from my visit to Austin, where I found this beautiful and also ancient European style building. It is a small building at the end of the Congress Avenue. It also is known as The Old Bakery and emporium

Old Bakery Building Sketch

Initially made using pencil, now this sketch has got its ink. At some point, you might be seeing it all finished with watercolor washes on it. I remember It was a beautiful sunny day, Actually, the first sunny day in weeks. We had a lot of fun, walking the Colorado River, Austin Downtown. We even rented scooters to get faster to the capitol building before closing time.

Old Bakery Building Sketch

Keeping up with the tradition of not being up to date with the Inktober, I finally post Day 07 about an Old Bakery Building Sketch for #inktober2019


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