Texas School Book Depository

Today I share the Texas School Book Depository Sketch as my #inktober2019 Day 08 post.

This piece comes from my visit to Dallas Downtown, Texas. It is about an old building used as a depository for the library. It doesn’t have any architectural relevance. Its only relevance in history comes from being the scenery for one of the darkest days in American history.

Texas School Book Depository

From this exact location, On November 22, 1.963, Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly shot and killed president J.F. Kenedy from a sixth-floor window as the presidential motorcade passed the site. So as you can imagen, lots of images came trough my mind while walking the surrounding of this building. There are a lot of documentaries about it, even movies, so all that came in front of my eyes. Also, there are also conspiracy theories surrounding history. Anyway, the only certainty is that the man was shot here and it was a national tragedy.

Texas School Book Depository

I made that pencil sketch on site. I clearly remember that it was raining hard that day. That obviously increased the dark veil surrounding the place. This is a place you see in movies and documentaries, but the feeling of being in front of it is completely different from what you expected to feel.

I’m still running to catch up with the Inktober, so I will be posting twice daily to be up to date soon. So, this is my #inktober2019 Day 09Texas School Book Depository

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