Tanglewood Resort Sketch

So, here I show my day 09 piece, Tanglewood Resort Sketch – #inktober2019

My travels keep supplying material for this Inktober. This time is about a visit I made to Tanglewood Resort in Pottsboro, Texas. It is a resort located at the shores of the Texoma Lake. This the exact location. That place is more than amazing, we spend a wonderful time there. You can tell by what I posted about it.

People in Texas love this place since it is a huge, but also, a tranquil place to be. Also people from Oklahoma comes here since the lake is located on the border of the two states.I could talk about the aquatic facilities, the hotel, bar, restaurant, the views over the lake and so on…

Tanglewood Resort Sketch

I remember sketching this using a pencil, it was so fast that I only could get one shot. Actually, I couldn’t relax and enjoy an extended sketching session. I was in a rush so I had to leave for a business meeting back in Pottsboro.

Tanglewood Resort Sketch

Believe it or not, I make my daily sketches for the Inktober, it’s the posting to my blog process that keeps me delayed. OK! Finally, this is my Tanglewood Resort Sketch – #inktober2019 Day 09

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