Sunday Snap Sketch - Farmhouse Sketch

The eleventh day, Sunday Snap Sketch – #inktober2019 Day 11.

For the first time this year I’m presenting a piece that is not from my travels. Thinking about breaking the traveling sequence, I remembered having a list of Sketchable pics. So I took that list out of the drawer and I found this one. It is about an abandoned farmhouse that is about to be swallowed by trees. This picture comes from an artist’s blog that I follow, you can see the original post on this link.

Sunday Snap Sketch - Farmhouse Sketch

For this piece, I started using a Prismacolor Col-Erase pencil. That is a fantastic tool to use as a base drawing liner. It is, in some cases, even better than a graphite pencil. It used to be the favorite for illustrators an animators to sketch before inking and painting their pieces. The super-power of these pencils is that their traces are easily deletable. So, after inking, you can delete any sketch under the ink with a simple kneaded eraser stroke. In this case, I washed the piece using watercolor before adding the ink. It wasn’t even necessary to use the eraser since the Col-Erase almost disappeared by itself.

Sunday Snap Sketch - Farmhouse Sketch

First I left the plan, went out of the comfort zone and then I enjoyed it a lot. This is the first time I use my long list of #Sketchables so I’m realizing how useful and enjoyable it is. Also, with this piece, I’m keeping my word to Michael that someday I was going to sketch that picture. In my previous Inktober post I thanked the guy for his support, so what a better way to say thanks that destroying his picture! 馃槄

Well, I keep going, this was Sunday Snap Sketch for my – #inktober2019 Day 11.


  1. Very Cool! I love it! This is a wonderful sketch, Roberth. The colors are really nice…you breathed some wonderful energy into this one.

    An interesting side note. Someone has recently began caring for this old structure once again. They have been working diligently the past few weeks. Cleaning up the property and make small repairs to the building. Perhaps I will photograph it again once the work is complete.

    1. Thank you, thank you!.
      That is good news, those houses are the actual American Icon. Forget about the Empire State, The Farmhouses are the best definition of your architecture.
      Looking forward to seeing a pic of the restored house.

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