Lafayette Cemetery Sketch - #inktober2019 Day 11

Lafayette Cemetery Sketch – #inktober2019 Day 12

This sketch comes from my travel to New Orleans. It also is part of a travel post about my Unfinished Business in New Orleans. New Orleans is one of the most impressive places I’ve been to. Lafayette Cemetery is one of the must-do when visiting Garden District. It’s kind of weird a cemetery being a tourist attraction. There are even guided tours to tell you histories from this place.

Lafayette Cemetery Sketch - #inktober2019 Day 11

First, it was a pencil sketch. I was trying for the first time a Blackwing pencil, so I was excited about it. I got it at David Art Center, by the owner’s recommendation. Actually an amazing graphite tool. Then I washed the sketchbook with watercolor to finally start inking to complete today’s task for this Inktober challenge

Inking “Unfinished Business” from New Orleans is really fun. That brought me lovely memories of our trip there. I definitely will come back to finish those things I couldn’t do and repeat all of the amazing experiences we had.

I keep it up, Lafayette Cemetery Sketch – #inktober2019 Day 12 finally completed.


  1. Well, Roberth, this is to mention how much I appreciate viewing your work; enjoy all your posts–especially since you are most professional and prolific. And if your professional work and that done for your own enjoyment, is not detailed and intricate–then no such thing exists; thank you for sharing! And while I think about it, you mentioned a Blackwing Pencil above; been curious about them for (too) long; would you consider recommending one pencil that you prefer in that department? (Thanks again; not to mention your new angle: a cemetery in New Orleans … what a great idea, lovin’ it!)

    1. Thank you, Jess. I appreciate your words, I really do. Sorry for the delay in my response, things are going crazy at my studio these days. Now you mention the Blackwing pencil, it has been a long time since I don’t make a tool review. You’re giving me a chance and a good subject to do it. My next tool review will be about the Blackwing pencil, I promise. Thank you! (It won’t take long, I promise that too)

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