Mississippi River Sketch

Mississipi River Sketch – #inktober2019 Day 13

This sketch comes from my travel to New Orleans. I’m still impressed and I think this is love forever. It also is part of that Unfinished Business in New Orleans travel post. Being by the Mississippi River is one of the must-do when visiting New Orleans.

Mississippi River Sketch

First, it was a pencil sketch, real quick. Then, those scratches stayed there as unfinished business on my sketchbook. Now, it had the chance to turn into a nice drawing but I blew it. I really don’t like it, but I have to be honest with this challenge so I post it anyway.

Mississippi River Sketch

Inking “Unfinished Business” from New Orleans keeps bringing me lovely memories of our trip there. I remember having a peaceful moment looking at the river and then a song from U2 started sounding in my head. For sure this place has many, many songs more representative of it. The thing is that the River reminded me of the scene from the Rattle and Hum movie where Bono sat to stare the river, his reflections from that moment took him to write Heartland. More than 30 years later, I recalled that moment so I felt connected to it.

Right or wrong I keep moving on with the challenge, so this is Mississipi River Sketch – #inktober2019 Day 13

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