Bourbon Street Sketch

Bourbon Street Sketch – #inktober2019 Day 15

More from my Unfinished Business in New Orleans. This particular post is about My Visit to the French Quarter. This happened minutes after my Canal Street Sketch, which you can see in my previous post. And, before it, you can see The Mississippi River Sketch. That was also made on the same day, so as you can see, I had a lovely sketch-walk that day.

Bourbon Street Sketch

We got to The French Quarter from Canal Street. We walked some blocks to get to its heart, Bourbon Street. You can see how the buildings change in every step you take into this traditional area. Modern tall buildings stay behind, you still can see them from here blurring with the twilight.

There was a magnificent sunset as background, modern distant tall buildings framing the scene. Then, in front of me, all the amazing chaos. A narrow street crowded with colorful people, Jazz music all around, balconies, neon sings. A celebration ambient also blended with the Halloween spirit. I tried to showcase that experience of parting in chaos in my sketch.

Ending the “Unfinished Business” from New Orleans brought me lovely memories of our trip. Inking and washing with watercolor this piece made me feel even more nostalgic than the previous one. This is the last one of the series. The French Quarter is the ultimate place to be in New Orleans, and also one of the top five in the whole American Union.

The New Orleans sketch-walk ends up with the Bourbon Street Sketch for my #inktober2019 Day 15

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