Dallas Morning News Sketch

This is the Dallas Morning News Sketch for my #inktober2019 Day 17

This piece comes from my visit to downtown Dallas, Texas. One of the wealthiest cities in the United States and the home of a proud people. On a single picture of this city, you can find a lot of buildings from famous Architects and firms. Also, on the same image, you will find layers of different historic architectonic periods. So the behavior of the oil business is represented here on buildings by decades.

Dallas Morning News Sketch

Like the other sketches fro this set, this was made as a pencil sketch on the go. It was raining so hard that day that this had to be an actual quick sketch. There is a post about that day walking the Dallas Downtown, check it out.

I found this building by accident. Initially, I was paying some kind of tribute to J.F. Kennedy, so I was following his motorcade route through Dallas to get to the fateful place where he was shot. A street on that route was closed for maintenance, so I had to make a detour. Then I missed the next turn and trying to get back to my path I spotted it.

Dallas Morning News Sketch

There it was, a simple and no pretentious building. Slick architecture from the ’50s, with defined geometry, lovely proportions and also noble materials. Marble, tinted glass and steel make it look well dressed for the occasion. I loved that solid facade as opposed to that permeable face protected with parasols.

Ok, I’m finishing my Dallas series with the Dallas Morning News Sketch for my #inktober2019 Day 17


  1. Hi Roberth,
    I am a first year interior design student and I really admire your work. I am doing a university project and I wanted to write about a description of your work that’s titled “Sketches para su primer showroom”. Would it be possible for you to let me know the year you sketched it?
    Kind Regards,

    Marlene Codrington

  2. Hi Marlene, thank you for your words and interest. I made those sketches back in 2015. I would like to see your project. I would even post it here on my website.
    Let me know if you need anything else.

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