Hi everyone! I’m back. I’m sharing this Country House Digital Sketch. Actually, this one is part of the same project I shared with you in my previous post. 

Country House Digital Sketch

Part of my job is to sketch. I just love it, so I do it a lot, and I also love sharing my favorites pieces with you. In some cases, I get so excited about a result, that I post images on Instagram before telling the whole story here in my blog. 

Country House Digital Sketch

I made this Country House Digital Sketch set of a Dreamhouse that I’m designing for a unique client. Opposed to the usual client demand, this family is asking me for a pretty simple house. They want no decorative elements or stand out shapes. So everything has to be austere and beautiful from its essence. All with right proportions, and a balanced geometry.

Country House Digital Sketch

I remember telling you in my previous post that I had issues figuring out the concept and general layout of this house. Well, It was about a mistake I was making on the approach. Mostly, I design suburban houses, those are located on small lots in private developments. This particular house is an actual country house, it sits on a former farm property with a lot of lands, so this house should have a completely different approach. The proportions, orientation, and general design need to respond to that specific situation.
Usually, what people call Farmhouse, is a commercial name of a style. In this case, I’m designing a house on a farm, an actual Farmhouse in the Country. Once I realized that, all my problems were solved so I came up with the perfect solution for my clients, they love it, so I’m proud.

Floor Plan Sketch

As you noticed, I had to quit Inktober this year, the same as last year. It is always a shame not achieving a goal, particularly such an exciting one. Inktober has always helped me to finish pieces left there as pencil pre sketches, and I love that. Even though the discipline necessary to stay on track with work at the same time. 

For me, work got intense, I’m getting twice the usual clients that I have at this time of the year, which is excellent. Exhausting, but great. So you will be seeing more houses sketched and wrapped-up with plans and renders.

Poster Sketch

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