Contemporary keep coming in! I got another customer for a XX Century Style house. Today, I’m sharing a Contemporary Residence – Digital Sketch, a house for a family in Texas.

Contemporary Residence - Digital Sketch

This house is for an extended and entertainer family. It has lots of bedrooms and also large areas dedicated to sharing with guests and family members.

Contemporary Residence - Digital Sketch

One of the younger family members, practices swim, so we added a swimming pool with official standards measures. However, everything happens around the kitchen and the living room. That is where life happens in this house.

Contemporary Residence - Digital Sketch

In my Digital Sketch process, I’m after the achievement of a style and also a design workflow. With my previous sketch, I defined a template file to help me in that direction. So, this might be the first House Sketch created using my template.

Contemporary Residence - Digital Sketch

Finally, things are faster. All my tools and settings are there to improve my speed, and also to guarantee my illustrating style. So, now I focus on the design since I had set the workflow. So far, I’m using that extra time in extra detail. You can tell by the cameo of my wife floating there on the pool.

Last but not least, I have the feeling that this illustrating style is not working on contemporary houses. After posting four contemporary sketches, I realize that it doesn’t represent the image that I have in mind. I guess that I conceived it thinking about the craftsman and farmhouses that I usually design. I’m thinking of a way to adapt my workflow to better suit this house style.

Contemporary Residence - Digital Sketch

That is how the Digital Sketch learning process has been going. For a while, Contemporary Residence – Digital Sketch will not be posted as a House Project in my Portfolio. My client had to put his on hold, so we鈥檒l have to wait.

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  1. Your digital sketches are really progressing. These are so much warmer and personal than typical construction documents. I’m sure your clients benefit greatly from your efforts.

    1. Thank you, Michael!
      Actually, my clients enjoy them a lot. Sketches have become a stage in between their dream house and their final plans.
      Thanks again!

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