The neutral background and white fog made the substrate to start with this New Modern Farmhouse sketch. Only after some pale blue guidelines, I went for it in a nobody business attitude. It is excellent to start like that, super confident and embracing any inevitable mistake.

New Modern Farmhouse

As you can see, I went back to orange color traces. I think I like, and also need, that vibrancy and contrast that it shows against the grey background. That has been a constant in my Digital Sketches.

New Modern Farmhouse

Working like this, in a complete careless mood, lets you trace as fast as you can think. You’re there, like carving the screen and pouring that vision in your mind.

New Modern Farmhouse

Pursuing the definition of a style, for me, is not just about architectonic elements and concepts. It is also about the way to explore. Even more, it is about how you represent your creations.聽Everything must be connected with the same concepts.

New Modern Farmhouse

The New Modern Farmhouse in Texas taught me with facts, how mistakes can be turned into character emphasizers. So embrace them as part of the rough sketching process, it ends up being rewarding. Even more, you can be proud of your mistakes working like this.

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