A Successful Summer Ends, Now Announcing the New Season!

A Successful Summer Ends

After months without a single post in the first half of the year, I wanted to get back in the game. Like many times before, I needed to update my website with all the work that I’ve done. In June, I chose to do it differently, so I started a Seasonal posting plan. Today I’m celebrating the Summer’s end with my last post for the Season. 

A Successful Summer Ends

I’m celebrating having accomplished my initial plan. When administrating a website is not your primary work, it is hard to stay up to date with it in the middle of your daily occupations. I decided to go to a seasonal posting mode. Also, I decided to post only twice a week: one for house projects post and another for my sketches. I defined a limited quantity of posts for a limited period. It was a game-changer decision. It was consistent and also a doable plan for me, having in mind the free time I have for it, not too much. 

Along this season, I shared with you the results of my favorite residential projects. Those that make me proud. Also, I could show you my digital sketch learning process to see my struggle with the new tools.

I’m proud of myself for being consistent throughout all this time with my initial plan. Summer season’s end gives me enthusiasm for what’s to come next week when a new season starts. In the Fall, I will deliver in two phases. The first one will be even more demanding than Summer. It is Inktober time, so I will try to complete the daily-posting challenge. For the rest of the season, I will post about general interests: tool reviews, second and third Round up of my Digital Sketch learning process, and a fun surprise for you guys.  If you enjoyed regular house project and sketch posts, they would come back the season after, so stay tuned. 

That is how a Successful Summer Ends, Thanks for being there throughout It. I’m looking forward to seeing you back next season! 

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