Getting To The River Walk

Hey guys! Today I celebrate starting a new season on my website. And, what a better way to starting than getting into a challenge? This is not just another challenge, It is Inktober, 31 ink drawings in 31 days during October. It is day 01, so I share a sketch I made in San Antonio, Texas when I was Getting to the amazing River Walk as my #inktober2020 Day 01 Post.

Inktober 2020 Getting To The River Walk

When I travel, I sketch as much as I can. Quick Urban Sketches are all over my sketchbooks. However, during a trip, there is no time to finish them, so I just keep adding drawings here and there. That’s why I wait for Inktober every year. It allows me to redraw or finalize my rough sketches from the road. Even more, Inktober gives me the chance to revive some of the lovely moments I had in those travels. So welcome back, Inktober!

When I started Inking this one, I realized that it is probably my second physical drawing in the whole year. Except for some study sketches in notebooks, I haven’t draw anything. Digital sketching got me trapped!

Getting To The River Walk

As usual, I got late in the #Intober again. Even when I’ve been able to draw, I didn’t have the time to sit, redact, and upload my posts. I think I’m going to start posting before on Instagram, leaving the web post for the later. Also, I probably won’t be writing too much. That is what takes most of my time since English is not my native language.

Well, it is the Getting to the amazing River Walk, my #inktober2020 Day 01 Post. Thanks for stopping by!

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