Hey guys, thanks for coming back. Today I’m sharing this Victorian House Sketches, my new project at Pottsboro, in the Texoma Lake area.

Victorian Floor Plan

I have had a long streak of Contemporary House demand that was completely unexpected and welcomed. My architectural school goes in that direction, so I embraced it. However, I can’t deny how much I love designing farmhouses and Craftsman houses. For me, it is like painting, more than building designing. After an extended period, I finally got a traditional house commission, and it is a Victorian Style House. What a fantastic way back to tradition!.

Victorian House Sketches

This is my first formal Victorian Style commission. I haven’t done more than a few incursions into it, so I had to go back to the books to read some art history and watching beautiful Victorian houses from another perspective. It had to be a beautiful piece since I was designing for the sweetest lady ever!. She was so excited about her project that I couldn’t help falling in love with it too. Also, come on, it’s Victorian Style. Everything is romantic about it.

Victorian House Sketches

This illustration is another of the first pieces that I create using Affinity Photo. I keep improving my skills with it. I’ve kept telling you in previous posts about my Digital Sketch learning process that I’m working hard behind the black lines. My goal is to get rid of them at some point and make a perfect illustration. Usually, I don’t have the time and the necessity to achieve that, so I’m kind of stuck with it. With this house, I wanted to show you what’s happening behind those black lines so you can see that I’m far from getting to my goal. But I’ll keep trying until I finally get it.

Victorian House Sketches

That is how the Digital Sketch learning process has been going. Victorian House Sketches has been a fresh breeze of air. I can’t thank my client enough for this opportunity. My client and I love what we achieved together, and soon I will post the final project on my Portfolio so you can compare and see how assertive I am.

You can also see where I get my inspiration from by visiting my Pinterest account!

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