Hi everyone, I’m back with a new post on my portfolio. It is about a Contemporary Lake Mansion.

We have the honor of getting hired by a distinguished family from Dallas to design a unique contemporary house overlooking Lake Texoma at Pottsboro, Texas.

High-end details, a lot of glass facing the lake, elegant modern design, and large spaces were among the client’s demands. There is an exciting story about how the design process. You can read about it and also see some of the initial sketches for this project.

Check it out!

Particular Contemporary House

Ceci Bates Custom Houses, our ally in Pottsboro. They are taking care of this Particular Contemporary House, so I won’t have to worry because this project is in good hands. Thanks for keeping up with my posts, more projects are coming, and I’m sure you will love them. You can also check out my Instagram feed

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  1. To tell the truth, I fall in love with architecture because it arouses special emotions in me and I am certain that it plays a big role in our world, being an integral part of our life. I can say that such masterpieces like this contemporary house blow my mind because it requires a lot of effort and a lot of professionalism. It is so valuable when everything is thought out to the details because safety is a key part of any construction. Also, it is really important when everything is multifunctional and it is always a huge advantage. This house looks in such a harmonious aesthetic way that it simply can’t leave anyone indifferent. After reading your article, this house became my dream home and I would like to implement such a wonderful idea into a reality in a perfect way.

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