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Welcome to your project’s console. This space will help you follow up on the process, share thoughts and files, and take pictures from your mobile. We have the chat log, which you can use anytime to contact us. Even our meetings are hosted in this space.

Here you will get the Design Documents for your house, which you will be able to visualize and download at any time.

Each phase has its steps, and you will participate along the process with your feedback and approvals. That is how we move on to accomplish our shared goal of creating your dream home.

We need to know about your project


The Concept Design Phase starts with a work meeting where I get all the essential information from you to start creating. Then I present a Layout proposal, and with your approval, I start working on the Elevations. This phase takes three weeks.

With the 3D Model, we’ll take you on a tour around and inside your home so you can experience it as we imagined it. Also, you will take the model with you to navigate it and share it with your friends and family. This process takes two weeks.

The Drafting process starts by drawing the plans to bid and build. We do this in two steps: the Preliminary Set and the Bid Set of plans. We can start the binding process at this phase. The Drafting stage takes two weeks.

We deliver progress updates every Friday. The client takes the weekends to review and return with feedback until Tuesdays to keep up with the process. This is key to accomplishing the timeline.

We are excited to have you on board. Thank you for being with us, and welcome to our design process!

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