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August 5, 2022

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Here you have the final set of plans for your house from us.
In this set, you will find construction information such as Foundation, Electrical Plan, Cross Section, and Interior Elevations for specific areas.
Your builder will use this set of plans to set a quote for the build. Also, they will work as a starting point for the specialists related to the building process. Structural Engineer, Roof Builder, Cabinetry, and Electrical specialist will detail based on these plans. So there will be adjustments
In some cases, the builder asks for adjustments. We make and resend the project with those included to assume the project is finished.

Bid Set

This is the final Bid Set of Plans for your house. Please review for adjustments before sending it to the Estimating Team.

Preliminary Set

This is the Layout Floor Plan Set for your house. Please review, and let me know your thoughts.

Hyper Model

Here you have the virtual model for your project. Click the image to start navigating your house. You won’t need to download any file or app for that.

If you still want to download the model to your device, you must download the model file.

You also have to install the appropriate software to manipulate the model, so here you have links to different platforms. Enjoy!

Elevations Design

This is the Elevations Design for your house. Please review, and let me know your thoughts

Layout Plans

This is the Layout Floor Plan Set for your house. Please review, and let me know your thoughts

Conceptual Design

Here you have the Conceptual Design Sketch for your house. Please review, and let me know your thoughts.

Project Info


Project Name
Crystaltopia #1
Her Name
Triveni Dupati
His Name
Vijay Govindan
Contact Email
Secondary Contact Email
Contact Phone Number
Property Address (copy)
Block 5J, Cabo Del Sol
Rock Creek
Do you have any of these documents for your property?
Plat Plan
Which of the following situations describe your case best?
We want to start our Custom House Project from scratch following our vision.
What’s our Square footage goal?
Do we have a budget?
Do you have a Builder?
Snyder Construction
Tell us your story. What do you foresee in your dream house?
Hi Roberth, Kimberly and team, Our vision is creating fully electric, net zero, sustainably built, affordable, and stylish homes and apartments. There is a huge need for it, as climate change escalates and housing becomes unaffordable. This house is a proof of concept if such a house is feasible.  Items in 4 are must haves, and items in 1 are optional. This is a large wish list and trade offs will be required. Anything we can do to maximize the number of points in a stylish envelope, while reducing cost, without sacrificing sustainability, would be ideal.
How many Bedrooms are you planning?
Master Suite 3 Bedrooms
Tell us about your bathrooms:
3 Bathrooms
Bathroom Features
One Bathroom for each room
About Extra Rooms:
Media Room Game Room
Select your favorite styles
Farmhouse Modern Farmhouse Contemporary Farmhouse
Exterior Finishes Preferences
Stucco Metal Roof
Tell us about your style
Rental Wish list Exterior / Overall (35)
Balcony (4)
Wraparound porch for E and S facing windows (4)
More windows on North and West side (4)
Lowest cost for highest points (4)
Roof at 34 to 35° facing south (2)
Roof built to maximize solar (2)
Stainless steel Metal roof (2) – is it feasible and what is best for solar? Standing seam, stone of something else?
Consistent slope without valleys or peaks (2)
Minimize construction waste (2)
High quality (2)
Lighter color Stucco (2)
Lighter color roof (2)
Fast speed to market (1)
Walk out basement (1)
Carport (1)
Landscape (4)
Bushes, small trees to shade house wo shading rooftop solar (1) – west side?
Solar window film for 2nd story windows using Ceramic Dual Reflective 45 (1)
Zero scape parts of the yard Plant native TX wildflowers and shrubs (1)
Capture rain water with rain barrels (1)
Zoysia grass (1)
Internals (35)
Fully electric (4)
Net zero electric use per year (4)
Sustainable materials (4)
Well insulated (2)
Straight ducts and pipes (2) electric panel (2)
Heat pump water heater (2)
Heat pump air furnace with noise insulation (2)
Cat 6a wired (2)
LED’s (2)
House built for Vehicle 2 Home (1)
Home built for home storage batteries (1)
Two electric vehicle chargers (1)
No wifi dead spots (1)
Natural light lamps (1)
Rooms (13)
2394 to 2483 sq ft (4)
3 bathrooms (4)
Media room (2)
Game room (2)
Big white wall in living room for projector (1)

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