Roberth Jordan

Residential Designer

I’m an Architect with more than 25 years of experience. I’m successfully working in Residential Design, Translating people’s dreams of houses into realities.

Kimberly Simonson

Project Manager

I come from a lumber company, now working in design.  I manage the process to help you bring your dream project to life before construction even begins!

Eduardo Reyes

Urb. Plan. / Draftsman

Experienced Urban Planner. I’ve overlooked Urban Projects for a course of action to achieve permits under regulations. I participated in settlements and commercial building projects. I’m successfully working on Residential Design

Juan M. Pérez

Architect / Draftsman

Architectural and Interior Design. I manage and develop architectural proposals both in the project and construction process. I’m a Draftsman specializing in 3D modeling and photo-realism.

Trinis Londoño

Brand Mentor

I mentor business groups in brand positioning and international expansion. I guide them through the transformation process of their organizational culture, branding, and digital marketing to create captivating brands.

Angie Valdéz

Graphic Designer

I am a Graphic Designer specializing in visual identity, a powerful resource that will make your brand stand out, position itself in the digital world, and attract clients who want your product.