2021 Top Ten Houses

My 2021 Project Round Up.

Hey guys! I’m back to share my last post for the year, and it is about my 2021 Top Ten Houses.

2021 was an intense year with significant challenges and obstacles that we could fortunately overcome. And even more, we have been able to accomplish most of this year’s goals and resolutions. The ups and downs of the pandemic, the business pressure, my local limitations to regular daily life, everything stood in the way of fulfilling my goals. And even though all of that, I can be proud of what we achieved as a team at work, as a family, and as a professional. Having the opportunity to type in these lines is proof of that. So, I’m more than grateful to have this community to share my projects, ideas, and personal thoughts.

We designed more than twenty Custom Houses in 2021, not bad given the national situation. Being so many projects and people involved in the process, I decided to set up a poll for them to choose the best. I invited the whole team at Ceci Bates Custom Homes and Simonson Design Studios to select their favorites. It has been fun and enlightening to know the people’s preferences for my designs, so I will make this a tradition. If you want to be a part of next year’s choice, just send me an email, and I will add you to that mailing list.

I didn’t want to add a personal bias to the election, so I didn’t participate.
We can call this an honest 2021 Top Ten Houses election. Also, I will have an open election for the 2021 Top Five Sketches, just subscribe to my blog to participate.

Thank you for being there, and have the most memorable holidays!

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