Architectonic Conceptual Sketching

Excited by keeping it rough!

I decided to keep my Architectonic Conceptual Sketching as rough drawings. Even when I love the process and the results of the detailed illustration, I had to stop.

Lakehouse Architectonic Sketch Floor Plan

Going back to rough sketches gives me some freedom. Things don’t have to be perfectly aligned, and lines don’t have to be perfectly straight. Also, all the details and material finishes are gone. Best of all, I use the extra time focusing on concept design, so I revise more than once that initial concept.

This set of rough drawings of a Lakehouse that I’m working on in Minnesota shows my core concept. You can see a single-color sketch drawn in two layers, one for the background and one for the subject. Super simple, almost minimalistic.

Lakehouse Elevation - Architectonic Sketch

I have to say that it is not that easy actually. Even when there is a lot of fun and freedom involved, there is always the temptation to zoom in and start detailing things. As a professional and an art lover, I want to see things perfect, better, and beautiful. But being efficient is also part of being a professional, right?

Lakehouse Elevation - Architectonic Sketch

In that struggle, some ideas come to my mind on how to keep things efficient. How can I preserve this fast workflow and still improve the results? How can I make this look more artistic without losing fluency?

Lakehouse Architectonic Sketch Roof Plan

Well, images are already coming through my mind, and I realize that I still don’t have the skills. So I need to study, research, and practice even more.

Lakehouse Elevation - Architectonic Sketch

Thank you for following my Digital Sketch Learning process. Architectonic Conceptual Sketching as it should be is back. The Illustrations will come back when a client hires them as a commission, or whenever I need to sell an idea that is hard to communicate.

Some of the images that came to my mind are in my Pinterest account, check that out!