Art Supplies

There is a new phase in my job that will demand of my sketching abilities, I’m taking this as an opportunity to try something different with materials and technics so i can improve and give more personality to the sketch work I´ve been doing so far, so here are some of my options

Holbein Watercolors

I´ve been using Winsor & Newton so far, now I want to try different colors and think Holbein is a great option to get them with top quality product.

On my brand research to migrate I found in this video from Mateusz Urbanowicz that Holbein is Hayao Miyazaki´s watercolor selection and as a fan of his movies I decided to go on with them. Let’s just wait and see how good they are, i think that with that kind of approval they will be great.

Find it on Amazon910kkuQe1+L._SL1500_.jpg

Squirrel Hair Mop Brushes

Watercolor needs special brushes, mop brushes are great for the job because of the smoothness and the amount of water they hold. That’s the theory, practice will tell.

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Mop Brushes

Color Around Aluminum Watercolor Palette

Everything in its right place, tube watercolor paints needs

Alum Palette 26.jpg

Honbay 12-Color Travel Artist Watercolor Tins Palette Paint Case

This is so retro, a mini watercolor palette for 12 color, going out and sketching on site is great and need thinks like this.

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Strathmore Softcover Watercolor Art Journal

There is never enough when it comes to sketchbooks, I´m a assiduous Moleskine user, unfortunately their paper quality is not good as it used to be so I´m trying some new brands, think i´m going to keep being loyal to the brand with some specific products but not for the artistic work. I got a Stillman and Birn that is under testing process and even when it has been great so far is worth to try another one.

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Strathmore 8x5.jpg

Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid

Not painting is part of the art process.

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Masking Fluid.jpg

Reviews of this products will be done for sure, i can’t wait to have them on my hands to have the funniest of times.

I borrowed the featured image of this post, it might be out of context at first glance since it is not related to my work, but actually it is, those are part of the images that are constantly inspiring me as creative since I was a kid.