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Modern Barn House - Digital Sketch

oook! here I show my Barn House – Digital Sketch.
This is one step forward in the process. This is time is about a Modern Barn House project that I’m working on.

Modern Barn House - Digital Sketch

I got excited when I first knew about this project. It is not usual to get contemporary style commissions. The client is looking for a Contemporary Barn Look, and the regular customer requests more traditional styles, so I welcomed it. Even more, I celebrated it!

House Floor Conceptual Design

In this illustration, I made some improvements. Firstly, you will notice from my previous post, is that I’m changing my approach to the environment solution. Even when it ended up being kind of muddy, it is starting to fade into the background color, and that’s what I’m looking for. I want to have at atmosphere that involves the house as main subject, but with a subtle presence.

Modern Barn House - Digital Sketch

Even when I used the shading technique with the roofs, It didn’t seem to work fine with the metal roofing. I have to work on that kind of material reflection.

Modern Barn House - Digital Sketch

Finally, as a new feature, I’m trying to illustrate the warm light in the interior through the windows. It is like the interior lights are on in the sunset. The goal is to bring the house to life without being too realistic, the sketchy look, has to remain.

This Barn House – Digital Sketch gave me more hints to move forward in my Digital Sketch learning process.

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