Black Contemporary Farmhouse

Black Contemporary Farmhouse - Portfolio
Black Contemporary Farmhouse

Hi everyone, I’m back with a new post on my portfolio. It is about a Black Contemporary Farmhouse. Today I’m sharing this compact house with a Modern version of a Farmhouse at Lake Texoma, Pottsboro.

This piece is a lakehouse for a young couple with the most beautiful daughters. The house needed to be functional, easy to live and maintain. Creating happy memories for the kids is the primary goal of a home close to a lake and great outdoors like this. That’s why we make all the efforts to frame that beautifully.
I felt so identified with this family that I can say for sure that is the fastest result that I ever had in the area. It took me two weeks to get to the approved version from the first sketches. I had that connection and the vision from the very first meeting.

That’s the magic of working with families, creating homes and not just houses.

Check it out!

Black Contemporary Farmhouse

Ceci Bates Custom Houses, our ally in Pottsboro. They are taking care of this New Craftsman House, so I won’t have to worry because this project is in good hands. Thanks for keeping up with my posts, more projects are coming, and I’m sure you will love them. You can check out my inspirations from my Instagram feed.