Black Lakehouse

Texoma Lake House Concept Sketches
Black Lake House Elevataion Sketch

Hi everyne! today I’m sharing my Black Lakehouse – Digital Sketch, a cicle definer piece.

Site Plan sketch

Firstly, I have to say that it was a concept design hard to achieve. These two first images show just a portion of all the approaches that I had to try before finally getting to a layout approved by the client. Probably, this is the most laborious lakehouse that I’ve made so far. However, I enjoyed it a lot since I learned way too much from that particular vision of a Lakehouse that this client has.

Lake House Sketches

Once I got the main concept clearly defined, everything turned into space definitions and measurement adjustments. A good concept is a solid design foundation that always makes everything easier along the subsequent process. So it was completely worthy.

Lakehouse Basement Plan Sketch

The house is a three-story building located on a steep hill that ends up in Lake Texoma waters. Regulations and client necessities demanded a tall building, with extra height in the basement to allow tall trailers to park.

Lakehouse Main Floor Plan Sketch

This one is not a house for living. It is a house for vacations, so the spaces needed to be carefully rationalized. Also, it has to be a secure building for the time that it will be closed. At the same time, it has to be open to the excellent Texoma Lake view they have.

Lakehouse Upper Level Floor Plan Sketch

The next post in My Portfolio will showcase the final lakehouse building project that these sketches became, then you can see it in detail. I have to say that, at the very ending moment, we came up with an idea. That idea changed it all, it brought character and a new level to the project.

About the Illustration

Firstly, you will notice that this house is a monochromatic house, so different shades of black are present. It’s exciting for me to design a dark house, that is out of the traditional neutral color which people usually prefer.

Black Lake House Elevataion Sketch

The walls and roofs are dark metal. I feel that I’m one small step to achieve the perfect metal look. Also, with this one I know I’m almost there with the environment, I’m loving that ethereal look that shows trees looking like mist or vice-versa.

Black Lake House Elevataion Sketch

Last but not least, that new feature I was trying, the warm light in the interior through the windows, Is starting to work. It is lovely bringing the house to life without being too realistic and keeping the sketchy look.

This Black Lakehouse – Digital Sketch marks a cycle end in my Digital Sketch learning process. So far, I defined some standards, so I’m ready to create my template for house illustrations.

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