Brand New Country House

Small and Lovely House Sketches
Brand new Country House Front Elevation Sketch

Hey guys, today I’m sharing a Brand new Country House, a small and lovely house that I designed in Texas.

Brand new Farmhouse Site Sketch

I drew this set of sketches to illustrate the Conceptual Design for a practical and functional small house. The owners of this house are sensible people who enjoy the simple life but still love having style and beauty. They love and requested a Traditional Farmhouse with the features of the modern lifestyle. Symmetrically balanced with beautiful windows and trim work embodies this house project.

Brand new Farmhouse Floor plan Sketch

Firstly, you will notice that I’m still struggling with the floor plan illustration. I can’t let go of this level of detail. I’m still afraid that people won’t easily read the floor plan without the details. I know there is a middle ground between a blueprint and an illustration. Also, I know that I have to develop my own version for it. Let’s see how it goes next time, I will try.

Brand new Country house Roof Sketch

You might not notice at first, but if you give it a second look, you will see that I didn’t draw the black lines for the roofs. I defined it using just values, light, and shadows. That seems to be a minor detail, but believe me, it is a game-changer for me. In the new phase of my Digital Sketch Learning Experience, I’m trying to move in that direction. I’m trying to find a way to get rid of the drawing lines while still achieving the building architecture well expressed. I know this path could take me to an artistic result that can be distant from the technical information that I should provide, which in the end, is what this work is about

I want to share this unfinished image to show you how it was going on the elevation. It was going well without black lines. You can see how the board and batten, the soffits, and roofs are readable. Unfortunately, the deadline bell rang, so I had to stop carving it and go with black lines. Then I just discovered the second flaw of this new path, and it is the time that can take me to achieve the goal. That is, in fact, the reason I changed back to a rough sketching a time ago. I hope that studying and practicing will help me get fast enough with it because I like the idea of getting rid of the black lines.

Brand new Country House Front Elevation Sketch

I must say that it was unexpectedly hard to do this one. Achieving the depth of every element and the right texture to keep the overall cleanness wasn’t easy. There are a lot of almost invisible features playing.

That is how the Digital Sketch learning process has been going. I must say that Brand new Country House has been enlightening and exciting at the same time. Thanks for the follow-up. See you soon in my next post!

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