Brick and Stone House

Digital Sketch Illustration
Brick and Stone House - Digital Sketch

Hi guys! today I’m sharing this Brick and Stone House – Digital Sketch.

Here you can see how I’m starting to better use layers. I started using them as shaders avoiding the flat look. Also, with better work with masks, I’m starting to get better results with the windows depths.

Brick and Stone House - Digital Sketch

Even when I’m not fully satisfied, I’m starting to like the background, It is starting to disappear and giving a ghost presence that I like. However, the foreground is still killing me, I’m looking for something lighter, that driveway is way too heavy. Finally, I know I can do a better job with the brick and stone textures, but with this one, I have a short time given as an excuse.

The story behind

The most peculiar thing about this sketch is the story behind it. It goes like this.
There is this customer who comes to one of my builder clients asking for help. He has been trying to accomplish his vision of a dream house into a project to start building it.
He was frustrated since he hasn’t been able to get the job done, even when he worked with four architects before getting with my client. The guy was kind of desperate, and it seemed to my client that we only had a shot with him. So It had to be super fast.

We had only hours to respond and make the customer know that he was in the right hands.
I told my client that the fastest way was to sketch our approach to his vision and show him that we were on the same page. We needed to make him think: “This is not exactly the right design, but definitely, this is the right people to work with”.
Even when I wasn’t confident enough about my Digital Sketching skills, I took the shot and made this single image.
Well, it was a hit, we finally got the customer to hire us to finish his design, make the set of construction documents, and also build the house. That is the long story behind the tiny image. Soon, you will see the house model posted.

I liked this one, the improvement on the roof shades and the windows make me feel that I’m on the right track. Even more, I’m super proud of getting a new customer for my client using this piece, which is remarkable. This Brick and Stone House helped me to move forward in my Digital Sketch learning process.

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