Coraline Restaurant Sketch – #inktober2019 Day 10

Inktober 2019 Day 10 -
Coraline Restaurant Sketch
Coraline Restaurant Sketch

Today I share my Coraline Restaurant Sketch -for the #inktober2019 Day 10

Again, another piece from Austin. Now I’m realizing that it was actually a prolific trip. I think I probably will be posting just one more from Austin on this #Inktober2019. Even when I have more to show, I think it would be too much, so I rather change the subject. My wife and I were enjoying an amazing walk on the first sunny day in weeks at Austin, then we rented scooters to move in the downtown area. Along that ride, we found again this attractive building which happens to be a restaurant. So, I had to stop by and scratch on my sketchbook.

Like I usually do when I’m on the run, I used a pencil to sketch it so I could figure out why it is so interesting. Now, on the inking process, I’m recalling the geometry, the openings, proportions, and details that captured my attention at first look.

Well, here I am again, trying to catch up with the challenge. I would like to thank you all for the support, your visits and likes are important to me. Comments like Michael Lovette’s mean so much!

Finally, this was the Coraline Restaurant Sketch – for the #inktober2019 Day 10