Country Farmhouse Design – Digital Sketch

Country Farmhouse Design - Digital
Small Country House Sketch Elevation

First, I have to say that this post is more about the experience than the drawing shared. Even when I love these tiny drawings, it is the story behind the Country Farmhouse Design that I want to share with you.

Country Farmhouse Design

I’ve been working for days on a Country Farmhouse Design. I got this contract a month ago. At that moment I took it for granted so I thought it was going to be an easy project. The program and general requirements made by the client were nothing out of the ordinary.

Well, nothing more distant from reality. I drew and drew a lot of options. At least 15 or 20 versions, and I didn’t seem to find that great idea that makes click in my mind. My presentation meeting is getting closer and I’m still running in circles around this house.

Country Farmhouse Design

Suddenly, I realized what was wrong, so I got that click in my mind and started scratching on my digital tablet as fast as I could. Lots of ideas flew in front of my eyes, all of them good. I was just grabbing them from the air. The thing is that it is about time to meet and show a project that I couldn’t solve until the very last minute. Even more, it is far from been solved.

Country Farmhouse Design

Finally, here I am, out of time to draw a plan set. I could only collect my favorite sketches and retouch them. I tried to make them look as good as the idea that I have in mind. I’m confident that my speech will help me communicate that. What the client won’t get this time is a set of plans. I only had time for a coffee and writing this quick post.

Country Farmhouse Design

By the way, It was an approach issue that kept me out of the track. So I will explain that better when I add this Country Farmhouse Design to my Residential Portfolio.

Did this ever happen to you? Getting stuck for days on a project and then seen the light at the very last moment?

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