Craftsman Mountain House

Mountain Style Concept Design
Craftsman Mountain House- Digital Sketch

Hi guys! today I’m sharing this Craftsman Mountain House- Digital Sketch.
I keep trying to improve my skills in Digital Sketching. The only way I found to do it, is by forcing it into my regular work. Even though I still don’t entirely like the results, I share them with my clients and you guys.

This house came from a client who knew exactly what they wanted. They even had bought part of their furniture. Actually, it was hard to advise them. However, I have the luck of work with professional and smart people that always are open to improvements, even when they oppose it as the first reaction.

That is the reason you are seen two different from elevations, and that is how the process went. I had to keep showing two options on every step of the process. That was challenging, but also gratifying, for sure.

Well, let’s go back to the sketch. Firstly, you will notice that I keep using the layers of the roof as shaders to avoid the flat look. Also, I’m getting better with the finished materials. I like grey stone and wood shingles. You can also see how I ‘m still struggling with the background and the foreground. Those are still killing me, and I keep looking for something lighter.

I liked this one, I’m improving the finish materials illustration, also the shadows are getting better. This Craftsman Mountain House- Digital Sketch helped me to move forward in my Digital Sketch learning process.

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