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Remodel at Lake Texoma Sketch
Digital Sketches for a Lakehouse

Hey guys, thanks for coming back. Today I’m sharing a couple of Digital Sketches for a Lakehouse at Pottsboro, Texas.

Digital Sketches for a Lakehouse

I’m showing this remodel proposal for an existing house. However, I’m not sharing this to show my design accomplishments since they are zero to none on this one.
What I want to do is sharing how I am making progress on the ambient occlusion and shadows. I’m getting there in defining elements with light, shade, and shadows. You can notice how, for the first time, I’m able to show a sketch without the black lines. The roof sketch also shows progress in that direction. I even had to add those white lines to make the house stand out of the context for the client clearly to identify their property.

Digital Sketches for a Lakehouse

I’m still stuck with Sketchbook Pro since I haven’t had enough time to improve my skills on Affinity Photo. This one is obviously a phase 04 piece, so I’m ready to make a Phase 03 Wrap-up.

That is how the Digital Sketch learning process has been going. Digital Sketches for a Lakehouse has been a useful piece. You can also see where I get my inspiration from by visiting my Pinterest account!