Euro-Style House Concept

Rock Creek´s Traditional Concept Sketches.
Euro-Style House Illustration

Hey guys, thanks for coming back. Today I’m sharing this Euro-Style House Illustration, my new project at Rock Creek, Gordonville, in the Lake Texoma area.

One of my team members came with this house design projected to be at Rock Creek. That is the most exclusive development in the Lake Texoma area, and they have the highest design standards demands. After our revision, we all agreed that the flow and the overall layout of the house were working perfectly. However, we also noticed that the elevations needed to be improved to achieve the high design level we keep at that development, and for which we are well recognized there.

I took care of redesigning the whole set of elevations while keeping the floor plans the same. Also, I had to follow a collection of referential images provided by the client. Quite a challenge, but I was excited to take it and bring some magic to the table, so I started it!

I took this not only as a design challenge but also as an opportunity to keep making progress on my Digital Sketch learning process. Being free of interior design, I dedicated all my efforts to making those elevations look fantastic and feature a spectacular design and illustration. Usually, I don’t have the time to do both, so I enjoyed it.

You have been following this Digital Sketch learning process, and you know how long I’ve been struggling to get rid of the drawing lines. I finally got it on this Euro-Style House Illustration!

You can perfectly read the house’s shapes and details without drawing lines. I achieved that with shapes, lights, shadows, highlights, ambient occlusion, and textures. I can’t be anything but proud since I’ve been pursuing this for a long time. Check out the details down here.

Thank you guys for being there to finally seeing to work done. My next step will be based on ambient blending. Foreground, background, and ambient lighting are my following subjects.

You can also see where I get my inspiration from by visiting my Pinterest account!

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