Getting ready for #inktober2019

For its 10th anniversary, Inktober
getting ready for the #Inktober2019...

For its 10th anniversary, Inktober is back! So I’m getting ready for the #Inktober2019

One more year following Jake Parker‘s initiative of inking and sharing a daily drawing during October. Last year, for #Inktober2018, I couldn’t finish because I was traveling. I think I got it solved this year since I traveled before the event. So, there are a lot of pencil sketches unfinished, waiting to be inked.

I will share a list for my Inktober2019. Also, a daily inked piece will be posted. In the meantime, check out what I have done under the #Inktober premise in the past years.

Back in 2017, when I started posting for Inktober, I dedicated the whole set to my trip to Las Vegas. I remember there was a massive shooting there that year so I dedicated my Inktober to that amazing city. After that, in 2018, It was about the houses I was working in, and a couple of urban sketches. While I’m getting ready for #Inktober2019, I think I will cut it in halves. So I’m doing one half to Ink sketches from my recent travel to Texas, and the second half will be dedicated to some personal UrbanSketcher projects I have on hold for a long time.

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