Glazed Gable Lakehouse

Successfully Following My New Rules.
A-frame Lake House Elevation

After weeks of keeping on strictly rough sketching, it came the moment to get back to illustration. Today, I share a glazed gable lakehouse in Minnesota, and this is how it happened. 

A-frame Lake House Elevation

The owner of this house sent us an email with his layout already set, and then he asked to have an introductory meeting to get his thoughts on it. We were not sure that the client was going to sign our contract, so I knew that it was all about making sure we were the right choice to hire. 

Lake House Site plan

I came up with that terracotta color sketch with a defined look. I knew that it was not enough, so I went for an illustrated version. In this case, it was faster to make an illustration of a single elevation than to sketch the other three. Even more, I would have to solve design flaws in their layout design to get a good-looking result. That’s when illustration got useful and necessary. 
As I said, this single drawing had to be a good one, a good one to communicate my vision, but also to show my skills and good taste to the client. Kind of a ”We are on the same page, and you are with the right people” statement. 

A-frame Lake House Roof

Firstly, I only shared that single illustrated elevation. Later in the process, after we got hired, I produced the rest of the drawings you see. I never even sketched any of the rest of the elevations. It was a seamless process that took us quickly to the 3D model stage.

A-frame Lake House Elevation

Lake houses keep coming on and on. So I have been practicing a lot, and that is absolutely great. It is satisfactory to be recognized for such a specific type of residential design. In my country, we have a saying for this feeling: ”If it rains like this, let it not clear.”

Glazed gable lakehouse gave me the opportunity to go back and enjoy an illustration session. A meaningful and practical joy, that’s is how it should be. So the new rules and my developed skills in Digital Sketching are starting to pay off.

I use to post part of my process on My Instagram Account so you can meet me there too.

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