Golf Course House – Sketches

Sketching for the Golf House

Golf Course House – Sketches. I´m sharing here my preliminary sketches for a House Design I’m working on. This house will be located on a Golf Course, so it will be surrounded by amazing golf field views. Also, the client required a traditional Farmhouse Style look. Going along with their request, and the privileged location, I’m incorporating large windows and a Wrap-Around Porch that works as a Balcony.

For these pieces, I’m trying new tools. Firstly I switched from Chartpak Markers to Copic markers. After that, I had to buy a new paper block, since Copic markers don’t work well on the paper I’m used to. That is a marker paper block from Strathmore.

It’s not easy to adapt when you change both, media and tool. However, I ‘m pretty sure that practice will be the solution.

See how the Golf House Project ended up looking! I always like when the final render looks so alike the initial sketch.

Golf Club House - Sketches - 2 Floor and Walk-Out Basement Farmhouse Sketch

Casa en Golf Club – Sketches

Aquí les comparto mis bocetos preliminares para un diseño de casa en el que estoy trabajando. Esta casa estará ubicada en un club de golf, por lo que estará rodeada de increíbles vistas a los campos de golf. El cliente también requiere que la casa se vea como una casa de estilo Farmhouse tradicional. De acuerdo con su solicitud y la ubicación privilegiada, estoy incorporando grandes ventanas y un porche envolvente que funciona como balcón sobre las vistas.

Golf Club House - Sketches
Farmhouse Front Elevation Sketch

Mira como termino siendo el Proyecto de la Casa Golf

Golf Club House - Sketches - 2 Floor and Walk-Out Basement Farmhouse Sketch