New Golf Course House sketch, sharing my Moleskine sketch

Concept Sketch for a Golf
Moleskine Drawing

Hi guys! I’m back to show you this Golf Course House Sketch.

Moleskine House Sketch

I don’t know if there is a specific reason, maybe it is a coincidence, but I keep getting clients for vacation houses. Lake Houses, Summer houses, Golf Course Houses, I mean it’s fantastic, but still, it catches my attention.

Moleskine Golf Club House Sketch

After getting hooked with the Digital Sketch, it feels kind of weird being back to adding sketches to my Moleskine. In fact, It felt like I lost practice on this, you can tell by the lack of confidence in the traces. It has to be said that, it doesn’t matter how editable, fast, and fantastic results you get with the Digital Sketching, nothing compares to the gratifying feeling of a physical piece.

I had this romantic idea when the lockdown started. I thought that I was going to have enough time to finish my original watercolor sketches. Well, no. I have more work since it all started.

Moleskine Watercolor

It is always lovely when the final result is so similar to the initial sketch. You will see by yourself in my next post about the resulting project of this house. That is the proud feeling gave by the assertiveness.

Golf Club House Sketch

This Golf Course House Sketch is a concept created for a Ceci Bates‘ client. I design custom houses, they build them, and that is how things keep working well.

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