Grandiose Lakehouse

Grandious Lakehouse - A gorgeous
Grandiose Lakehouse Rear

Hi everyone, I’m back with a new post on my portfolio. It is about a Grandiose Lakehouse. Today I’m sharing This gorgeous farmhouse at Lake Texoma in the most exclusive Golf Clubs in the North Texas area

This piece is a house for a young social family that loves to entertain. They are the most sparkling and fun couple I have met in the area.
Sparkling as they are, ideas started coming and coming as soon as we began the process. The process took extra time trying to make those ideas work together well.
It was worth waiting and working longer since we loved the final result.

I’m pretty sure we will have a fun party on the open house day, so I can’t wait to be there. Finally, I invite you to look at the sketches that gave birth to this house and let me know your thoughts on it. 

Check it out!

Grandious Lakehouse Winter

Ceci Bates Custom Houses, our ally in Pottsboro. However, they are covering all the Gordonville area, and that, of course, includes Rock Creek Development. They are taking care of this Grandiose Lakehouse, so I won’t have to worry because this project is in good hands. Thanks for keeping up with my posts, more projects are coming, and I’m sure you will love them. Please, check out my Instagram feed.

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