Happy 4th of July Y’all!!!

I know it is a
Happy 4th of July
Happy 4th of July

I know, I know, it is a day later, but it was late last night when I finished watching all the celebrations and the president salutation when I thought of this and started writing. So please bear with me and let me explain why I’m wishing you a Happy 4th of July.

It is my first time celebrating this important date. Even when I’ve always been close to the American culture and people, I never felt like it would be an honest celebration to me.  

Now, things have changed. For the last three years, I’ve been working for an American Family Business. They are the most representative of American culture. They are Danish immigrant descendants and the fourth generation of Lumber Company Business. Simonson, their last name, helped to build towns in the northwestern area of the USA. What could be more American? 

Well, I’ve been with them back to back, working hard every single day.    Their family and human values, their knowledge and love for what they do, keep things going. I have learned a lot in that environment over these years. 

My position in the company allows me to stay in contact with a lot of people. I have contact with Builders, contractors, and the best of all, American Families. Those are my day by day interactions. I worked with people of different ages, social-economic status, degree level, and from many different places. 

With Simonson, I’ve worked with people from Alabama, Minnesota, California, Arizona, and mostly from Texas. My Portfolio shows a lot of it. Moreover, my job requires close interaction with costumers since I need to know and understand how they live. People have to share with me their very personal needs. They have to explain to me how they live their lives so I can come up with a spatial solution. I have to create working and beautiful shelters for every single way of life of my clients. 

All that interaction, and the close relationship forged with the Simonson family, have made me feel embraced and welcomed to the American culture. Moreover, a part of American society.  

All the people that I worked with,  have been nice and receptive to me. Even more, few of them have even offered me help to get and live there, among them, as part of their society. 

I can’t be more grateful to the family and business that took me in, and also, to all the kind people that I’ve been in contact through these years. 

Today, I understand much better their values, and how significant is this special celebration for them. 

So, to the American People and friends there, I wish you all a Happy 4th of July!!!