Happy Thanksgiving! my first time at this holiday

From home to home, I
Thanksgiving night house scene
Thanksgiving night house scene

Hi everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this post finds y’all well and with great memories of the holiday celebration.

Last night I was having a work meeting with this special client, and of course, we talked about the Thanksgiving tradition. We both are Latin-American making a life in the US, and we talked about embracing a holiday like this.
They have been celebrating Thanksgiving for years and expressed how important this yearly family gathering is to them.

After that meeting, I wondered how easy it would be for my family and me to embrace this American celebration. Once we permanently move to the US will be just us, my wife, mom, kid, and me, so we will treasure being together in a new country.

…And I kept wondering…

…It won’t be just us. I mean, there are people already waiting for us, people who have become like family, who treat us with so much love that we feel at home with them.
That is the most significant reason to be grateful, isn’t it?

Well, I concluded that I must be already be celebrating Thanksgiving.

That is the story of why I decided to express my warmest feeling and sent a card late last night.

Thank you for being there, and Happy Thanksgiving!