House for a Chef

Craftsman House Digital Sketches
Craftsman House Elevation - Chef House

Hi guys, I’m back to share the House for a Chef – Digital Sketch.
This is one step forward in the process. This is time is about a Craftsman Style House that I designed for a Chef.

In my country, I’m one of the few architects dedicated to Restaurant Kitchen Design. We are not more than ten specialists in that area, so designing a house for a Chef in the USA has a special meaning to me.

Craftsman Front Elevations - Chef House

You can tell by the sketches posted, that I’m not following the actual order of how things have happened. I will make a post with a list of drawings in their order. This one is from an earlier stage in the process. I remember at that time struggling with the background. In this particular case, I ended up avoiding it almost completely.

Main Level Floor Plan Sketch

In the Floor Plan, I started adding shininess to the hardwood flooring. It all began when I was trying to establish a difference between the dry outdoor wood, and the polished wood flooring on the interior. It ended up being kind of messy with the interior, and also the shadows weren’t the best. I liked the idea even though not too much the results.

Craftsman House Elevation - Chef House

Finally, I was trying to make the house disappear a little bit. That’s an idea that still is circling in my mind and I still haven’t solved how to do it. Not only because of the illustration technique but also of how to achieve it without losing the notion that it is a house plan and not a piece of art.

Craftsman House - Chef House

That is how the Digital Sketch learning process has been going. House for a Chef – Digital Sketch ended up being a gorgeous piece, so you will soon see it in my Portfolio. 

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