Inktober status: Done!

Final Inkitober 4

#LasVegas #Inktober2017 #MyMoleskine

This was quite a journey, started confident, i got delayed and then sinked, had to work work hard to catch up by making a dobble effort and finally finishing a day earlier, relaxed, confident and why not to say it, so proud!

I have to say thanks to the 3 key people who kept me going without even knowing.
First Mr Jake Parker the creator of this massive creative initiativ, i got to know lots of illustrators and enthusiasts like me united by the Inktober hashtag.
When i felt like quiting because of the delay then James Richards started following me on twitter after posting this:

James Richards Tweet.png

i said, “wow have to keep it going!” so thanks mr Richards.

Last and not least i met this guy from India called The Xerox Man who liked my sketches as much as to share it on my blog and that was really motivating on the final sprint.



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