Bemidji Lakehouse Remodel

Digital Sketches for a Remodel.
Lake House Design Front Elevation Sketch

Hi guys! Happy new year to everyone! I’ve been away for a while, there have been crazy days at the end of the year. So, here I am, back with a Lake House Design that I’m working on.

Lake House Picture

This case is about a remodel, It is an existing house built over a Garage. This family is ready to build their dream house. The plan is to add a building along with the view of the beautiful lake right behind the house.

Lake House Design Front Elevation Sketch

On the inside, they want a great open space with a social kitchen, an island, and the living room. That living room displays windows looking to the lake. It also has sliding glass doors that take you out to an open deck that overlooks the lake and the pine trees forest.

Lake House Design Floor Plan Sketch

Also, there is a Master Suite separated by a staircase going up to a Study Loft above the Bedroom. Finally, a hallway leads from the existing Garage to the Foyer passing by the Laundry room and the Powder room.

Lake House Design Front Elevation Sketch

The most important for them is their Social Great Space, it uses the full building height and displays all those openings to let the sunlight in, and of course, to enjoy the stunning views of the surroundings.

Lake House Design Roof Plan Sketch

I don’t think this house is going to get a rendered version. The builder is already biding, and they are close to signing a contract. So this is probably the last thing to see about this one.

Lake House Design Poster Sketch

I really had a great time with this one. I remember my client was so excited about starting the design process, that she ran out into the snow to capture that first picture in this post. It was so fun.

Well, I keep improving my skills in Digital Sketching. This Lake House Design was a nice way to start a new year. A funny story and an accomplished job. Just Great!

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