Landscape Design Sketches, another way to have fun!

Landscape Design Sketches, another way
Landscape Design Sketches

Hi guys, today I’m breaking the storyline a little bit. Today I won’t share house design sketches with you. Today is about Landscape Design Sketches.

Park Design Sketches

As you know, and also you can see, I’m not a landscape designer. However, in some cases, development owners and builders ask for illustration to represent a landscaping concept. I’m sure that after me, there comes a professional to do the job. But in an initial stage, my illustrations are proved useful. My clients and allies understand the communication power of illustration sketches, so they take advantage of it.

Landscape Design Sketches

If you have seen my previous Digital Sketching posts, you will notice how strong and straight lines are the story’s main characters. On landscape sketching, that is entirely different. Curved lines are the protagonist. Like in nature, most of the shapes need to be fluid, so I had to let my traces be looser. 

Landscape Design Sketches

The loose line also needs to have a purpose. Even though there is a lot of fun involved, all the elements designed need to be functional. It was not just about the traces; one of the funniest things to do was adding color. Houses and buildings have a completely different palette, and nature can be so vivid that it lets you enjoy throwing colors at will.

Landscape Design Sketches

Different scales, line traces, colors, and purposes made this experience really fun. Landscape Design Sketches became a breeze of fresh air in those days. Alternative tasks can keep you up when you’re overwhelmed by repetition.

Some of the images that came to my mind are in my Pinterest account, check that out!

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