Modern Rustic Lakehouse at Lake Texoma

Modern Rustic Lakehouse at Lake
Modern Rustic Lakehouse View

Hey guys, I’m back to share this important project with you. Today I’m sharing this Modern Rustic Lakehouse at Lake Texoma. This might be one of the most challenging Custom House Design projects since I’m working in the area.

When it comes to Custom House Design, the job is to get the right spaces for every family member. Both functionally and aesthetically, the family members must be represented. A custom House is a tailored suit for the individuals, but also the family group. There is where the difficulty lies in this work.

Well, this particular case involves three families sharing this amazing house. Three different families, three different generations, needed to be pleased. Also, this house sits on a steep slope that makes it even harder to solve structure and spaces. As I said, this has been the most challenging house I’ve designed so far.

Fortunately, every member of the family, or “The Gang” as we called, was a delight. The families and the design crew worked hard as a team to achieve a final product that makes us proud.

Check it out!

As usual, Ceci Bates Custom Houses, our ally in Pottsboro, is taking care of this house’s building process for this Modern Rustic Lakehouse at Lake Texoma. So I won’t have to worry because this project is in good hands. Thanks for keeping up with my posts, more projects are coming, and I’m sure you will love them. You can also check out my Instagram feed.

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