Digital Sketch Illustration

First Steps Trying Digital Sketch
Farmhouse Front Elevation Sketch

I’m taking every opportunity, every single house that I design to put into practice Digital Sketch Illustration techniques. Once I started controlling my Digital Tablet, I started learning about Digital Art. Now, I’m already beginning to see everything I could do. Even though I’m not yet capable of achieving it. well, I guess that’s what excites me the most!

This is a Digital Sketch Illustration made for the Mesquite House, another project I got from Ceci Bates at Denison, Texas. Our business relationship keeps growing then it gives me creative opportunities like this.

I love this image particularly because it was a total surprise for me. I ended up getting much more than I expected when I started working on it.

Farmhouse Digital Sketch Illustration

Ilustración, Sketch Digital

Aprovecho cada oportunidad, cada casa que diseño y que requiere de una ilustración para poner en práctica real las técnicas de ilustracion en Sketch Digital que he estado aprendiendo sobre el Arte Digital. Ya estoy empezando a ver todo lo que podría hacer, aunque aún no esté en capacidad de hacerlo. Aparentemente eso es parte de lo que más me entusiasma.

Esta es una ilustración que hice para otro encargo en la ciudad de Denisson, Texas.

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